Traditional restaurants

  Visits: 13879

Dobarsko Hotel and Mehana

  Visits: 9178

Stragata (The White House)

  Visits: 13869

Stone Flower BBQ

  Visits: 11482


  Visits: 37824

Zehtindjievata Kushta

  Visits: 15549

The Dragon's Den Celtic Tavern

  Visits: 136966

Mehana Chanovete

  Visits: 5257

Dedo Kotse

  Visits: 12382

Sunny Pub

  Visits: 8955

Asenova House

  Visits: 14673

Vakanova Kushta

  Visits: 8724

Momini Dvori

  Visits: 5875

Razlojka Maaza


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